Security is a major concern on every Android device. To make your device more secure Google introduced a new security measure in Android 5. If you are already familiar with the term factory reset, you may have figured out what FRP is. Factory Reset protection keeps your data safe in case your device gets stolen. Imagine this scenario: You lost your device or your device got stolen. Now, the first thing that a thief will do is to factory reset your device so that he can use it by himself or sell it to someone else.

But since you have already attached your Google account with your device and have set a security option PIN, Password, etc. He will have to do it via stock recovery option which is pretty simple, BTW.

Once the factory reset is done and the process to setup the device begins, the device will ask to enter the Google account and password that was previously linked with the device. This is Factory Reset Protection. Now, the device is not useful to the thief. Thank you, Google! What if, instead of losing your device, you forget your password and Google account details? You already know that in order to activate FRP you must attach a Google account to your device, set a security option, and factory reset your device via stock recovery menu.

From the next screen, you can easily access the file manager.

lg vs425lpp hard reset

The requirement for FRP to appear is that a Google account must be attached and your phone must have security option enabled. Since neither of these requirements is fulfilled while factory resetting the device for the second time, FRP will be bypassed. The credit for this trick goes to RootJunky. Thank you for this awesome trick. This method is easier to perform as it does not require you to download anything.

LG MP Method 1 does not work. The settings are greyed out in talkback. Any other ideas? The settings option is still disabled even in TalkBack mode.

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It didnt work, got trough everything but when trying to add a new user that option is disable and even so there is no user, I bought the phone by e-bay a LG V10, any suggestions that can help me out bypass the FRP?

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Related Posts.And then, no matter which button I tried to press, including the power button, this android cell phone just got no response and showed nothing on its black screen. Does anyone know what has caused such phone black screen of death problems? What should I do to fix such android phone screen black problems? How can I restore the common use of my LG G3 mobile phone? Any help would be appreciated! Have you tried to remove the battery of your LG phone and try to boot it up again?

Does that black screen of death issue also come you? Or have you dropped, shocked or hit this LG android phone before such black screen problems happen to you? Honestly, many android phone users have ever encountered the similar black screen of death issues and found solutions to bring their phone back to life.

So, in your case, as long as your phone is not mechanically damaged, you also can restore its common use with success. Just keep on reading this:. Honestly, after analyzing tons of the related cell phone black screen cases, experts conclude that there are many reasons behind such phone problems.

Go read the major ones below: 1. Malfunctioned Apps In most cases, people often get such android phone black screen problems when they are playing a game or applying an app. Hence, many people think that such mobile phone problems could be caused by malfunctioned apps. For example, when your opened game is too large, but, the phone gets no enough resources to run it smoothly, the screen of your phone could become black and could not be used any longer. Of course, it is also possible that your used apps or games do have problems or corrupted anyhow.

Two Methods to Bypass Google Account Verification on LG

Android Phone Operating System problems Just like a computer, your LG android phone also is able to get a black screen when the phone operating system is corrupted somehow. When your LG phone android operating system files get deleted or corrupted or, it could be really hard for your phone to run itself effectively as before.

Viruses or Mal-wares And viruses or mal-wares hidden on your LG phone are also able to have a bad impact there and let it work ineffectively. Android phone get corrupted due to sudden dropping or the likes. And, at least, such android phone black screen problems also occurs to people when this LG phone get corrupted seriously after dropping, hitting, shocking or improper extracting, etc. Overall, hope your actual phone causes behind are not too difficult to deal with.

No matter why your Android phone gets black screen issues, here are possible solutions for you to bring your LG phone back to life:. Soft Reset or Reboot your LG smart phone. In actual use, it is always helpful to soft reset or reboot your mobile phone when it get some strange problems, just like your phone screen black problems.

What you are supposed to do is only to long press the phone power button and restart it there. Please Note : In case that you will be stuck in any android phone data loss troubles, power off your LG phone, extract the inserted phone SD card out and save important phone message, song, video, picture and file backups well on other flash drives or USB hard drives.

Of course, if possible, also remove the battery to take chances latter. Reinstall or update android phone applications. If you have got such android phone issues while using a game or application, it could be caused by bad programs.

Hence, go check this game or program to see whether it is damaged or outdated anyway.Bienvenido, invitado Identificarse Registrarse.

How to Fix LG Android Phone Black Screen Problem

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lg vs425lpp hard reset

Nov 1PM. Publicado: 5. Nov 14AM. Publicado: 6. Dec 1PM.It is a common practice to set a lock screen password or pattern on LG phone to prevent unauthorized access. The lock screen passcode is a useful feature to keep other people from peeping into the content of your phone.

It is a form of privacy protection but can sometimes be an inconvenience, especially when the owner forgot the screen passcode that he or she set for the device.

The phone will be completed locked when you couldn't remember screen lock code. If you already backed up the phone, then you can factory reset the device and restore from backup.

However, if you didn't do it, then hard reset is definitely not the right option because it will erase all the data on the phone. Before you send your phone to an expert that may charge you a ton of money to help you regain access to the phone, please hold on a second, as we will help you remove the Android screen lock without losing any data in just a few minutes.

When you signed in with Google account, then it is highly possible you already turned on Android Device Manager service. And the steps are quite simple to follow. If you didn't sign up with Android Device Manager service and still don't want to lost your precious data on the phone, then you can use Android Lock Screen Removal to delete the password. With it, you can regain access to your phone without suffering from any data loss. Using this program is also simple and easy.

How To Perform Soft Reset And Hard Reset On LG V30

You do not need to have any technical knowledge to use this on your LG phone. Open the program after installation. From the main screen, click "Remove Screen Lock " button. Step 3 : Download Recovery Package. The program will download corresponding package. You can see the whole download progress on the screen. This will take a few minutes. Please don't disconnect the phone during this step. First, power off the phone.

Then press and hold volume down, home button and power button at the same time. Press the volume up to enter download mode. Step 5 : The program will flash the recovery image to the phone once download is finished. Now you can enjor using the Android phone as normal as the password was removed successfully from the device. It is highly recommended giving a try on this amazing software.

Besides the two methods mentioned above, there is also one way left: boot your LG phone into download mode and completely reset the device. This is an useful tip recommended by iSeePassword to bypass Android lock screen password. However, all data will be erased on the phone if you decided to do it in this way.

Whatever reason you have for being unable to reset the screen lock such as purchasing a second-hand device with a locked screen, accidental or intentional password changes by your children, being locked out due to maximizing number of passcode retries, and inability to type the password from a broken screen, you can get rid of the screen lock within 5 minutes by using this program.

The only thing that will be removed by this program is your screen lock and not your data. So if you are searching for a safe and dependable solution to break free from your screen code, look nowhere else because Android Lock Screen Removal is here to help you.Safe Mode. Flashing Stock Firmware in Download Mode. In this process, the internal storage is wiped and the phone is restored back to factory settings.

However, there are different ways to perform the factory data reset process. The next is the Fingerprint Setup page.

You can either add your fingerprint lock now or it can be done later. Press Power Key to Confirm our selection. In case of network related issues, its better to reset network settings, before attempting a factory data reset.

Soft Reset is nothing but a restart. For any small issue, this should be our first troubleshooting step. Thank you soooooo much! I was locked out her phone! Frozen screen. Couldnt get in! Tried to recover her Google account but Google wouldnt let me! Was gonna throw it away! Powered on with a screen saying firmware Update do not unplug sub connection until update is complete. Has been stuck on page with update bar showing present complete for about 12 hours.

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See pictures and videos come to life on the screen with vivid color and outstanding clarity. Premium Camera.

Capture incredible memories and take a few selfies too! Gesture Shot and Selfie Light make it simple and sweet. Stylish Design. Enjoy a comfortable grip from the sleek, compact design that fits easily in your hand. Up to 10 devices connectable in LTE mode and 5 devices connectable in 3G mode.

Product features subject to change. Features based on carrier program availability. Additional charges may apply.

Chrome browser is great. Good phone. Camera is not the greatest, needs good light, blurs easily. Date published: I read this phone has a digital compass but cannot seem to make it work.We are happy to present LG devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

Click on the LG model located below and you will be redirected to the instruction prepared especially for specific LG device. We show you the instruction of Soft Reset for the operation that can fix the frozen screen and restart the system to repair it. Find out Secret Codes that give you advanced information about your LG device.

Amazingly useful LG hidden modes Download ModeFactory ModeFastboot ModeSafe Modewhere you will be able to learn how to use a combination of keys to get access to these modes. Smoothly find out the best LG features, for example, add fingerprintadd passwordblock numberchange wallpaperdeveloper optionsdo not disturb modeportable hotspot and power saving mode.

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Click on the Screenshot in order to find out instruction where you will be able to learn how to use a combination of keys to smoothly grab a screen of your LG.

Drivers are also available to download. Let's use our tutorials and know your LG device much better.

lg vs425lpp hard reset

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